Here we go again…


*hyperventilates a little bit*

So I did something potentially dumb.

I signed up for the Disneyland Half Marathon.

I don’t run. I barely walk. And I’m nowhere near where I want to be weight-wise. To the point where I can’t even tell you, stranger on the Internet, what I weigh.

That’s why I’m doing this, I guess.

I want to be better. I want to own my weight – the good, the bad, the fluctuating. I want to take charge of my health. And I want to learn to be more vulnerable. Not totally vulnerable on the Internet – I’m not an idiot (most days).

See the thing is, I want others to know about someone else’s struggle. But I also want others to know that every time I have a victory (there will be victories, right???) that they can do that too.

The last time I did the Disneyland Half Marathon (more on that in future posts) it nearly killed me. Not in like a figurative “oh it was so hard I stubbed my toe” way, but a literal, I-don’t-know-if-I-can-make-it sort of way. It also inspired me to start this blog and want to help others, so here I am again.

If you’re reading this (and it’s probably just my mom… hi Mom!), join me on this journey. My hope is to use this as a virtual sounding board – to log what I’ve found out about myself, to tell you what’s working and what’s not, and to hopefully encourage others who are on the same journey. Feel free to join me. Friend me on Fitbit, follow me on Instagram, etc. Share in this road that I’m quite literally traveling. Heck, tell me what I’m doing wrong in my training! But you know, nicely. And again… hi.

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