Last year’s BolderBoulder… and why I’m terrified this year

In theory, I’m supposed to do the BolderBoulder next Monday. As in 6 days from now. Sheer terror? Absolutely.

See, in (cockier) times past I’d think it was no sweat. I’ve been training for two WHOLE weeks, thankyouverymuch. But last year broke me.

Last year I trained for two weeks and thought, “I got this.” My mom and aunt were doing the race with me and my aunt hadn’t trained much/wasn’t used to the altitude. If anything, I was concerned for her and looking forward to the race for me.

Half of a mile in the shin splints started to set it. Three-quarters of a mile in I was in more pain than I’ve ever been in. As a reference point: I’ve had a kidney stone. And this was way worse. I had made a classic blunder: I wore something new for the race. The compression socks I was wearing were cutting off my circulation and I could barely stand. If you ran the BolderBoulder last year: yes, I was the crazy girl crying on the side of the road. Normally my shin splints shake out after a mile or two. These didn’t. These clenched my ankles with vice-like grips for two and a half miles.

I didn’t feel like I had much of a choice. I hobbled over to the emergency personnel and sheepishly told them I couldn’t finish the race. They called over a bus for me/the other people who couldn’t finish (all at least 50+ years old, except for me) and drove us near the finish line. Because the bus went so slow and my aunt (who was fine for the whole time!) and mom could go faster without me, I caught up with them about a half mile from the finish. The driver nicely let me out and I crossed the finish line with my family.

I’ve never felt like so much of a failure.

To date, that was the first and only race I’ve ever not finished. I’ve had races take me hours longer than they were supposed to, and literally been the last one to cross the finish, but I’ve always finished.

Now the race is 6 days away and I’m terrified history will repeat itself. This is starting to drag on so let’s just continue this tomorrow, shall we?


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