BolderBoulder pt 2

So training. I’ve been training for two whole weeks now. How am I not svelte and a lean, mean, racing machine? Because… well, reality, I guess.

During the last two weeks, I’ve tried to walk three times per week. Therefore, I’ve walked six times. Obviously, I’m ready for a 10K! Not so much.

Last Sunday was supposed to be my longest walk yet. I created a 4.2 mile route on MapMyRun and even had my walking buddies ready. But I was nervous. I hadn’t done more than 3 miles in forever, and I had all this anxiety built up inside me.

The first mile was good. A little shin splint pain, but nothing I couldn’t handle. Then about a mile and a half in it became unbearable. The shin splints had migrated from my left ankle to my right, and now both ankles were sufficiently on fire.

The pain was bad enough, but the mental anguish was worse. For whatever reason, I spiraled. I couldn’t get out of my head. All of a sudden, instead of fixing my gait and carrying on, I couldn’t find the will to move on. When one of my walking buddies asked what was wrong I looked at them and said, “I just need one thing to go right!”

This is where I am right now. I started this blog because I want to let other people know how much this whole diet/exercise thing truly, truly sucks sometimes. When I couldn’t find the gumption inside of me to go on I thought about everything that has frustrated me over the last few weeks. My job. My lack of a love life. My need for friends. My constant desire to look better. It all came crashing in on me.

My walking buddies were absolutely understanding, and they suggested we turn around. In all, I ended up doing 3.62 miles instead of 4.2. I can’t believe how much I beat myself up over 0.6 miles! I drove the route yesterday and noticed how incredibly close I was to my goal of getting to a specific street. I was less than a third of a mile.

So here’s the plan: by the time this is published, I will be on that route again. I’m going to take every precaution against both shin splints and negative thoughts, and my greatest hope is on Thursday you read my triumphant story of how I conquered the 4.2 mile route. Wish me luck!

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