1000 steps a day

I never understood the true definition of “frenemy” until I started using a FitBit. This thing tells me all the ways I’m succeeding, but also points out my shortcomings.

“Hey, you got 8,000 steps today, you rock star! But your heart rate was high all day, you might want to start worrying now…”

Obviously, that’s not actually what FitBit says. But it’s what I hear in my head. I worry when my numbers are off, thinking I’m literally steps away from death (I’m a hypochondriac, can you tell?).

About 4 months ago I started a new job. The team is great, the cause is just, and the work is right up my alley. But the entire office building is probably less than 1,000 square feet. From my car to my desk is 48 steps. Desk to bathroom? 17 steps. Desk to copier: 7 steps. Desk to snacks: 11 steps. Because of the area of town that I work, it’s not safe for me to walk around outside by myself.

All of a sudden, my steps went from about 3,000 per day at work to less than 1,000. And then the weight crept up. And up. And… up.


I would love to say that it’s at this point in the story where I started fitting in steps into my day, but it’s not. In fact, this is the point in the story where I took off my FitBit for 2 months because it stressed me out too much to see my failures on my wrist.

Frenemy, right?

And this is where I’m restarting from. I’ve worn my FitBit for the last two days, and it’s felt great. I’ve been paying attention to the 250 steps per hour minimum, and I’v purposely been standing up to walk more. I’ve even started running in place in the bathroom to get my heart rate up 🙂

Does this blog have a point, a moral, an encouragement…something? Not really. I started this blog for other people to know that someone else is struggling with the same thing they’re struggling with. Maybe someone else is only getting 1,000 steps a day at work. Maybe I’m the only one. Either way, this is the truth of trying to lose weight.

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