8 weeks

A couple months ago, I had a thought: “I’m going to do the Hot Chocolate 15k!” I’ve done the Hot Chocolate 5k multiple times, and it’s always one of my favorite races. I mean, how can you not be motivated with chocolate waiting for you quite literally at the finish line? I wanted the medal and bragging rights that come with doing a 15k.

But then the laziness set in. Hard. Like I said in my last blog, I no longer have steps built in to my day. On a good day, I’ve been getting about 4,000.

Now, I have a much more achievable goal: the Hot Chocolate 5k. Yes, it’s hard to face the fact that only a few years ago I was doing half marathons (heck, last year I was training for one) and now I’m actually having to train for a 5k. But that’s life, and I’m trying to face facts more readily than I have in the past.

So here’s the deal: for the next 8 weeks, I’ll post my goals for the week on Monday, both diet-wise and for training. Hopefully, 8 weeks from Sunday, I’ll have a great 5k with no shin splints, a smile on my face, and chocolate at the end. Follow me along on my journey, okay?


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